Complete Guide For CDR Writing in 2022

cdr writing

Want to know how to prepare successful CDR Writing? Many candidates who are willing to migrate to Australia wonder about how to prepare an effective and successful CDR Report. 

For an engineer who wants to work as a skilled engineer in Australia, a Competency Demonstration Report plays an important role. Successful CDR Reports include all the necessary details of the engineer’s skills, talent, and attributes required for the successful Migration Skill Assessment. EA evaluates the skills and experience of the migrating engineers to Australia.

Here we have discussed ultimate guide to prepare high quality CDR writing in 2022.

What is CDR?

Competency Demonstration Report is a set of technical documents that highlights the skills, knowledge, experience and talents of engineers who want to migrate to Australia as a skilled engineer. EA is the assessing authority for evaluating skills of candidates who give the Migration Skill Assessment Test.

Why is CDR Required?

An engineer has to highlight their competency by preparing and submitting a CDR report to the Engineers Australia. After that EA will assess the CDR report and best quality report which is prepared following all the EA guidelines and rules will be approved.

The candidate whose report gets accepted to work as skilled engineer in Australia. Unfortunately, not everyone successfully gets an Australian Skilled Migration Visa on their first attempt.

This happens mostly because they have less understanding of how to prepare a successful CDR report. So here we are!! We at CDR Australia Writers offers the best quality and plagiarism free CDR report writing services following all the EA Guidelines.

Documents required for CDR report

If you are assuming that submitting a CDR report is the only thing you need to do, then you are mistaken. Many candidates who are applying for the migration skill assessment test are unaware that extra documents must be submitted to Australia Immigration along with the CDR report.

Before submitted to Australian Immigration Officials, a typical CDR report must comprise the following papers.

  • A CDR Approved Document
  • A valid copy of the CDR report signed by the candidate themselves, which proves the candidate real feelings underlying the lines in the documents.
  • Prepare a collection of certified copies of the candidates academic records from their high school and universities.
  • A scanned copy of candidate CV as well the original.
  • A candidate must also submit their certificate of CPD to highlight the worth and efficiency of their profession to immigration offices.
  • If you are an engineer from a country where English is not the primary language then you must submit documentation that proves your ability in the language.
  • It is highly recommended to show your IELTS certificate along with your Competency Demonstration Report.
  • Candidates need to provide three career episode reports along with their CDR report.
Guide to CDR writing

Content Included in CDR report

Candidates must submit technical engineering applications and demonstrate how they will use their skills in their designated career. Candidates submitted reports will be assessed by Engineers Australia using the ANZSCO society and graduate competency standards. 

The following are the important sections that need to be included in the CDR report.

Personal Details

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Candidate Passport
  • Educational Degree with a Certificate
  • Candidate Educational Transcript
  • Updated Resume
  • Candidates have to submit evidence of their experiences along with the Report i.e mentioned in the CDR report and their career episode’s report.

Application Information

Firstly, candidates need to decide which engineering sector they want to consider. After they have to follow the registration phase where candidates need to submit documentation proof of any professional registration.


Candidates have to submit their academic credential, transcripts and other details along with the engineering credential. Also have to submit an enrollment letter and transcript if you are enrolled in a continuing educational program.

Skilled Employment

The candidate’s Career Episode is based on professional engineering expertise and must provide a reference letter from their company. Candidates who are requesting a suitably skilled employment evaluation, must provide main and secondary document verification.

CDR Report

Competency Demonstration Report Includes Summary Statement, Continuing Professional Development, and a Career Episode.

  • CPD should be written in the form of table. Candidates must include details like official post graduate’s studies, seminars, conferences, and so on.
  • The career episode must show the unique time of your engineering work. Candidates must submit three career episodes. And Each career episode must display your knowledge and abilities in your chosen profession.
  • Candidates must prepare a Summary Statement that reflects the summary of career episodes. It must link your competency elements to the relevant paragraph in your Career Episode. You have to submit a single summary statement for each of your three career episodes.
  • Report Submission

Once a candidate completes all required paperwork, you have to submit your application to Engineers Australia for evaluation.

Tips to boost your CDR report

Before creating a CDR Report, there are three primary component candidates need to follow.

  • Firstly, read the MSA booklet before beginning to prepare a competency demonstration report and understand the report’s purpose.
  • CPD, Summary Statement and three career episodes should prepared while creating a CDR report.
  • Choose projects wisely for three career episodes in your academic year.
  • Candidates must investigate the skills and knowledge that Engineers Australia wants in their candidate then prepare three career episodes highlighting your skills and knowledge.
  • Each career episode of a candidate should be distinct.
  • Engineers in Australia should find unique projects in each of your career episodes. So prepare each career episode unique and distinct from each other and each career episode.
  • Candidates should write a CDR Report in an Australian English Language. Before submitting, verify  spelling, grammar, and writing style in your report are all in with the Australian Language.
  • Engineers Australia is strict about using plagiarism. So while preparing your CDR report avoid using duplicate content. Write your own unique content.

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